“Marche flavours”

the “Marche flavours” tour

A journey through the Marche region’s food and wine delicacies.

Starting with the hundreds of years old Campofilone pasta making tradition with oil making, farm holiday hotels and wine cellars en route where you can taste wines like Passerina DOC, Pecorino and Rosso Piceno.

Explore the Marche’s famous food and wine traditions with their top class raw materials all made locally and in the simplest and most natural way, to enjoy the flavours of this marvellous land.

Take home with you an unforgettable experience made even more exciting by your VESPA®, whose “slow” company will give you time to savour every experience to the full.


the itinerary

  • Itinerary length: 81 km
  • Difficulty: middle
  • Average duration: 6 hours
  • Places: 8
  • Food & Drinks: 4
  • Attractions: 4

the stages

An 81 km itinerary winding its way through the provinces of Fermo and Ascoli Piceno through certain towns safeguarding the Marche’s oldest and most world famous traditions.


A history packed town whose roots go back to far off 1000 and developed around the historic Benedictine abbey. It’s not just history but also culinary traditions linked, above all, to its Maccheroncini di Campofilone IGP, a variety of egg pasta famous the world over.

2 - Montefiore

One of the “Borghi più belli d’Italia” (Italy’s Prettiest Towns), this small town of just over 2000 people is on the ridge between the Aso valley and the Menocchia stream. Packed with traditions and popular festivals celebrating the area’s culinary specialities, from Infiorata to Maialata and Castagnata, to cite just a few.


A small town of just 1000 people on the hill between the Menocchia stream springs and Tesino river. It is also called Piceno’s belly button for its central position in the province. Its local products encompass its DOCG and organic wines as well as its internationally acclaimed extra virgin olive oil. The culinary events include its Ascolana fried fish festival.


The historic town of Offida encompasses a great wealth of historic sites and works of art within its medieval walls. Also famous for its ancient and still much practised Tombolo lace making traditions. The former San Francesco monastery hosts the regional wine cellars offering a full panorama of the wines of Acolo Piceno and the region as a whole. Of the local food and wine specialities you must try chichi ripieno (a focaccia with tuna, anchovies, capers and peppers) with its own festival, funghetti (aniseed flavoured desserts) and the Terre di Offida DOC and Offida DOCG wines.


Boasting a TCI orange flag for its very unusual position, the town is referred to as Piceno’s Belvedere. Famous for ‘Italy’s narrowest alley’, a whole day is not enough to explore all the historic and artistic beauties of this fine town. Fine wines and olive oils are made in the area. Its most famous dish is ciavarro, a spicy grain and pulse soup.


Descending towards the coast, 5 km from the sea, the next stop off is Massignano, also famous for its whistle and pipe museum. Here there are plenty of Marche traditional dishes to try out, including excellent fresh fish given its proximity to the sea.

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