“SIBILLINI mountains”

the “SIBILLINI mountains” tour

« …And what immense thoughts,
and sweet dreams the vision of that
far off sea, those blue hills, I discovered here
inspired in me and that one day I dreamed of crossing,
believing I would find mysterious worlds on the other side
and imagining an unknown happiness in my life! »

(Giacomo Leopardi  in “Le ricordanze”  on the Sibillini Mountains)

The Sibillini Mountains National Park is centred around the massif straddling the Umbria and Marche regions with peaks over 2400 metres. It is no more than 60 km from the coast and our centre and thus reachable on a 2/3 hour tour. Within it there are places of rare natural and landscape beauty as well as history and traditions. Monasteries, hermitages, towns, lakes and grottoes and landscapes you’ll never forget.

We have chosen not to link this itinerary with specific places and a fixed itinerary because the excursion and visit opportunities are truly varied and adaptable to individual preferences.

The only condition is that tours last two days in order to give you a full and, at the same time, relaxing experience. Our staff will give you all the suggestions you need to enable you to personalise this fantastic tour as required.


the Itinerary

  • Itinerary length: 150 km
  • Difficulty: medium/high
  • Average duration: 2 days
  • Places: of your choice
  • Food & Drinks: 8
  • Attractions: 6

the stages

A tour lasting 2 days which can cover 140-170 km, depending on the itinerary taken. We will give you information on places to visit and eat at but we are always happy to hear about your travel experiences to help us to put together even more attractive and unique itineraries.


A small medieval town overlooking the eastern side of the park from its 550 metres of altitude. It is one of the most important historical-cultural centres in the Sibillini with its wealth of historic sites and artistic and landscape beauties but also its culinary specialities, especially its white truffles.

montegallo frazione
2 - MONTEmonaco

It is a very old town and was founded by Benedictine monks. It is situated at the mouth of the Aso River and is an ideal starting point for the footpaths leading to the highest peaks of the Sibillini mountains. Here the appeal of the Sibilla mystery is very strong and you can visit the museum focusing on her.

Castelluccio veduta

Crossing over into Umbria, we come to the magnificent town of Castelluccio di Norcia, perched on a hill at 1450 metres. Its position has led to it being called “the roof of Umbria“. It dominates the Castelluccio high plateau which fills up with flowers in spring for a multi-coloured floral spectacle.

Laghetto gole dell infernaccio
4 - Madonna Dell'Ambro

This ultra ancient sanctuary is at the foot of Monte Priore, set amongst the rocks of the narrow Ambro River valley. It is the most important Virgin Mary worship site in Italy after Loreto, a destination for pilgrims from all over the world.

Montefortino veduta panoramica

It is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic towns in the Sibillini, perched as it is on its peak like a single one-of-a-kind conical shaped block. Towering over it are some of the massif’s highest peaks including Mt Sibilla, the prophetess who, it is said, forecast the birth of Christ.

lago di san ruffino panorama
6 - LAGO DI san ruffino

An artificial lake which, from autumn to spring, empties almost completely when the dam holding it opens and for this reason called the ‘ghost lake’. In summer its vegetation and position give it spectacular colours whose beauty leaves visitors speechless.

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