“The Wine Road”

Food and Wine tasting Tour

“The Wine Road” tour

Welcome to our fascinating food and wine tour in the Conero hills. This unique adventure will take you to renowned wineries, oil mills and a craft brewery, immersing you in the rich food and wine tradition of the area.

You will taste wines that tell the stories and secrets of local wine production. You will discover the art of extra virgin olive oil in oil mills, tasting its unique and fragrant flavour, the fruit of a millenary agricultural tradition. Immersed in the beauty of the Conero hills, you will create indelible memories amidst vineyards and breathtaking views. A complete sensory experience that combines the authentic flavours of local products with the unforgettable pleasure of riding a Vespa 125, symbol of Italian elegance.


the itinerary

  • Itinerary length: 79 km
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Average duration: 6/7 hours
  • Places: 7
  • Food & Drinks: 7
  • Attrazioni: 9

the stages

The itinerary includes visits to 4 wineries, 2 oil mills and a brewery. It will be possible to choose to purchase a basic tasting at conditions reserved for us or to customise the experience directly with the various wineries to your liking. In any case, it is recommended that you contact the various wineries before starting the tour to inform them of the approximate time of the visit and the number of people taking part, so that an appropriate welcome can be arranged.

1 - Winery "Silvano Strologo"

Strologo is a family-run farm on the fruitful soil of Camerano, one of the original municipalities of the Conero Riviera. One of the typical varieties of its vineyards is the famous Rosso Conero.

2 - Winery "Arco dei Angeli"

A small farm that we would like to call ‘charming’, offering not only wine but also excellent gastronomic products in an enchanting setting.

3 - Villa Malacari

Antique wine cellar located inside a historic villa dating back to the 1600s. A visit to the ancient cellars is an experience you will not forget.

4 - Oil Mill "Natalini"

This small oil mill, in the heart of the medieval village of Offagna, right behind the famous Rocca, will offer you the opportunity to get to know and taste the most authentic flavour of Conero olive oil

5 - Oil Mill "Gabrielloni"

In another area of the Conero, there is another famous oil mill, which has made tradition its mission and can count among its achievements numerous awards for a truly unique oil.

6 - Winery "Garofoli"

A structured winery that has masterfully combined an international outlook with the flavour of tradition, kept intact and perceived in every detail, from the wines to the local products.

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