“Along the streets of the Middle Ages”

The tour “Along the streets of the Middle Ages”

The hinterland of the Conero area is a territory that will leave you speechless for the richness and beauty of its landscape. Along this itinerary you will visit some of the most famous and beautiful medieval villages in Italy.

The “Along the streets of the Middle Ages” tour is a journey through time, designed for lovers of history, but not only.

With your Vespa® you will cross the cobblestones of some of the oldest and most famous villages in our area. You can visit places that have kept their charm unchanged over the centuries, and try to relive the emotions of over 500 years of history.

Not only monuments and ancient fortresses, but also tradition, typical dishes and crafts, as it is in the style of Vespa Tour Marche, to make you live a totally immersive experience that you will not easily forget.



  • Itinerary length:: 77 km
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Average duration: 6 hours
  • Places: 8
  • Food & Drinks: 3
  • Attractions: 7

The stages

The itinerary crosses five magnificent medieval villages and some of the most fascinating and renowned locations in the Marche hinterland.


One of the most famous places in the Catholic world for its imposing Basilica, where the famous relic of the Holy House of Mary of Nazareth is kept inside …..


Famous for the Renaissance battle of 1860 but also for being the homeland of the accordion, you cannot miss a visit to the museum dedicated to her …


A village that has its roots even in the Paleolithic, rich in history, monuments, churches and museums. You will be spoiled for choice on where to linger your curiosity …


“Orange Flag” by TCI and included among “The most beautiful villages in Italy” Offagna is certainly famous for its imposing fortress of the 1400s, but not only …


The Caves of Camerano represent the real attraction of the village. But you cannot go on without having tasted the Rosso Conero from Montepulciano vines that literally draw the profile of the surrounding hilly landscape …


How not to visit some of the most famous beaches on the Adriatic coast? Here you can be entranced by the breathtaking view of the coast of the Conero Natural Park and bathe in the crystal clear waters of the beaches before setting off on your Vespa …

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